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Opinion: If my fellow Republicans want to win, they won't buy Trump's stolen election fantasy

Houston, we've got a problem. A diplomatic spat with one of our oldest and closest allies. A legislative agenda stalled in a debate over the size of infrastructure packages on Capitol Hill and bumping up against major deadlines. A genuine crisis at the southern border. A confusing federal reaction to a global pandemic. Call it a crisis of credibility or capability, but any way you slice it, it is chaos -- and that is precisely what President Joe Biden pledged to be the antidote for in his campaign.

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White House again promises health care plan will come in weeks

President Donald Trump will lay out his vision for health care in the coming two weeks, the White House claims, after blowing through a number of self-imposed deadlines to produce a long-promised plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

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What Pete Hamill brought to journalism

First, last and always, Pete Hamill, was a newspaperman from the old school -- happily at home in a newsroom roaring with profanity, poetry, punishing deadlines and quirky personalities. He dropped out of high school, worked in the Brooklyn Navy Yard as a sheet metal worker, did a tour in the Navy -- and then walked into the New York Post in 1960 to start working as a night-shift reporter, the start of what became a legendary career.

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5 things to watch in tonight's Kentucky and New York primary contests

Democratic incumbents and party establishment favorites are facing a series of progressive primary challenges on Tuesday, as voters in New York and Kentucky go to the polls -- or face absentee ballot deadlines -- amid continued concerns over coronavirus and a reckoning on race that has thrown at least one high-profile contest into flux.

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The DOJ doesn't need emergency powers to cope with coronavirus

The Justice Department's request to Congress for certain "emergency powers" during the coronavirus crisis is a first step down a potentially dangerous path.  Among other things, the DOJ reportedly seeks to empower federal judges to extend or suspend normal deadlines for charging and trying criminal cases.

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