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Archaeologist: It's the most amazing thing I've found in my life

Dozens of fragments of a Dead Sea Scroll bearing biblical text have been found by archaeologists working in the Judean Desert, the Israeli government said. The fragments were recovered from a cave where Jewish rebels against the Roman Empire hid around 1,900 years ago, according to a government press release. CNN's Hadas Gold reports.

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7 startling facts about the crisis facing our oceans

Dead sea birds and whales wash ashore with plastic in their bellies. Discarded fishing gear, plastic bags and other items accumulate in large patches throughout the ocean. Not to mention the microplastic polluting the marine environment that we can't see.

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Jordan ministers resign over Dead Sea flood deaths

Jordan's education and tourism ministers resigned on Thursday after an investigation into the deaths of 21 people, mainly school children who were swept away in flash floods on a school outing in the Dead Sea region, state media said.

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