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Government releases borrower details for small-business relief program

After withering pressure from lawmakers, the federal government on Monday released data on hundreds of thousands of borrowers from the $660 billion Paycheck Protection Program -- the main relief vehicle for small and mid-size companies suffering from the pandemic lockdowns.

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How a finance database could help improve policing

In an attempt to address the national outcry over police brutality, President Donald Trump signed an executive order last week that introduces very limited reforms. The order lays the foundation for a national database to track the use of excessive force, but only calls for police officers to be included when they are terminated, de-certified, convicted of a crime, or found liable in civil court. That's remarkably timid — to be truly worthwhile, this database needs to be publicly available and include each police officer's credentials, along with an extensive list of the disciplinary action and complaints he or she has faced. Fortunately, a good model exists: the strikingly transparent national database on the people who handle our financial investments.

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Silicon Valley can no longer tinker around its diversity problem

Six years ago, a wave of tech companies including Apple, Twitter, eBay, and LinkedIn began revealing data on the diversity of their workforces. The information, which had previously been kept closely guarded, was released after increased pressure for transparency as their fortunes and influence swelled.

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Data shows dangerous trend in the South

CNN's John King and Dr. Sanjay Gupta discuss coronavirus data from John Hopkins University that shows that the US has not yet successfully "flattened the curve," with the southern part of the US showing the coronavirus curve trending upwards.

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