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How Black barbers have become mental health advocates for African American men

Ray Connor traces his ambition to be a barber back to when he was a kid in Detroit. Growing up, he was abused. He watched his mother battle drug and alcohol addictions. He often went to bed hungry. When he needed to get away, he went down to A Cut Above Barber Shop on Eight Mile Road for a fresh cut and some companionship from his barber, Jessie. The relationship carried him through some of the darkest days of his life.

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Fauci says he believes worst is still to come in the pandemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday expressed concern that the worst may still come in America's battle against Covid-19, agreeing with President-elect Joe Biden's recent assessment that the "darkest days" in fighting the virus lie ahead.

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What can sustain us through this darkest season

"Snow falling and night falling fast, oh fast," wrote Robert Frost, the great American poet, in "Desert Places." He was a poet who knew something about snowstorms, having spent much of his life in the wintry states of New Hampshire and Vermont, where one can expect to be snowed in several times a year, often for days at a time.

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Trump vowed to save coal. This happened instead

President Donald Trump promised he would save the US coal industry. But as his tenure winds down, the industry is struggling through some of its darkest days, plagued by falling demand, bankruptcies and job losses.

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Infectious disease expert issues stark warning about US

As the United States records it's highest single day total for new Covid-19 cases, infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm warns that the country will see some of the darkest days in its history until a vaccine is made widely available.

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