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The President showed candor and good humor during a CNN forum, but also his tendency to send his own White House into emergency damage control

Joe Biden, showing candor and good humor, on Thursday reminded America why it picked him as President in a dark hour of crisis. But, at a CNN town hall in Baltimore, he also showed his tendency to send his own White House into emergency damage control as he flipped set-in-stone policy off the cuff, and offered gaping openings for his Republican foes.

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Footage shows damage in Amazon rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is at severe risk from deforestation and fires that are eroding the forest's ability to absorb heat-trapping greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. Even worse, the fires themselves are releasing carbon and adding to the problem. CNN's Isa Soares reports.

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How to fix damage of Trump presidency

In the torrent of books published about Donald Trump's presidency, few have offered recommendations for both repairing the damage done by his norm-busting term and addressing the vulnerabilities he revealed in our existing system of checks and balances.

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Yes, scientists are potty-training cows. Here's why

If you can potty-train a child, you can potty-train a cow. At least, that was the theory a group of researchers in Germany decided to test, in a bid to find a solution to the environmental damage caused by livestock waste.

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Look at these stunning before-and-after aerial images

Until a hurricane like Ida passes, it's difficult to know what kind of damage has been done. It isn't until days after the storm makes landfall that images like those below emerge, clearly showing the destruction left in the storm's wake.

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