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India was in crisis months ago. Why have its Covid cases plummeted?

Six months ago, India was in crisis. Critically ill Covid-19 patients were being turned away from hospitals. Doctors were collapsing from exhaustion. And the virus was spreading through crowded slums, home to millions of the country's poorest people.

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Analysis: How to view the fight over Deb Haaland and fracking

President Joe Biden nominated the most diverse Cabinet in history, but the Senate, which gets to offer "advice and consent," is suddenly full of members -- mostly Republicans -- who are critical of partisan tweets and are carefully scrutinizing nominees' job qualifications.

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This 'critical' component for Covid-19 vaccines is in short supply

Vaccinating the world against Covid-19 could take years. Even with several successful vaccines on the market and many more in the pipeline, there simply aren't enough facilities around the world to make them. CNN's Anna Stewart takes a look at what's being done to boost vaccine production. 

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This group of workers could turnaround the economy

In order to emerge stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic and a year of social and economic tumult, we need to focus on bolstering public health, re-building the economy and achieving racial justice. There is one often-overlooked workforce that will be critical on all three of these fronts: Community Health Workers (CHWs).

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How NASA technology can help save whale sharks

Thousands of people around the world are lending a hand to help save the world's biggest fish. By taking photos of whale sharks, these "citizen scientists" are providing researchers with critical information about the giant sharks' population hotspots and migration routes.

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Black History Month this year is more than a trip down memory lane

Black History Month is more important to the future of American democracy than ever. At a critical time, it offers the nation a window into its own soul -- if we are only courageous enough to look. What gazes back at us is not just the past, but a way of better understanding the political, economic and social ills that plague us. The racial disparities so terribly evident in the Covid-19 pandemic and the most divisive presidential election in American history are rooted in circumstances that can best be explained, analyzed and interrogated through the lens of Black history.

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