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'Nothing about this is normal, especially since he's not only a former President but a billionaire,' a former top RNC official says

A pair of payments the Republican National Committee made to a law firm representing former President Donald Trump is raising questions among former and current GOP officials about the party's priorities in a critical election year and its ability to remain neutral -- as long-standing RNC rules require -- in the 2024 presidential primary.

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Bill Maher sounds off on teaching critical race theory

During a discussion about critical race theory with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Bill Maher says that he's all for teaching the history of racism in the US in schools but is against teaching racism is the essence of America.

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Chris Christie responds to Adam Kinzinger's critical tweet

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie responds to a tweet by Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) in which Kinzinger asserts Christie is trying to simultaneously embrace former President Trump and more moderate parts of the Republican party.

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Biden's critical talks begin with Xi

When Chinese President Xi Jinping beams into the White House on Monday evening for a virtual summit with President Joe Biden, the two men will need no introduction.

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Analysis: Biden has reached a critical moment in the battle for blue-collar voters

Just as Democrats face another round of hand-wringing about their erosion among working-class and rural White voters -- after last week's daunting election results in Virginia and New Jersey -- the long-delayed congressional approval of a historic infrastructure plan will test President Joe Biden's central theory on how the party can reverse that decline.

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Analysis: 'Eternals' highlights the limits elite directors face with Marvel, 'Star Wars' and DC movies

Chloé Zhao was riding about as high as a director can coming off a pair of critically acclaimed independent-style darlings, "The Rider" and "Nomadland," earning an Oscar for the latter. Yet the prevailing sense among critics and many movie-goers that she couldn't completely tame "Eternals," Marvel's latest phase of its superhero universe, renews questions about the tradeoffs for prestige filmmakers wading into such well-established franchises.

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To really beat Covid, Biden needs to fill these jobs

In times of public health crisis, leadership is critical -- not just from our elected officials, but also from the heads of the health institutions that help shape our understanding of, and response to, public health threats. So it's concerning that soon two key institutions -- the US Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health -- could both be without their top leaders.

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