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Analysis: US enemies are lining up to test Joe Biden

President Joe Biden is confronting a series of distinct but interlocking global crises and hotspots with US foes lining up to test the mettle of an under-pressure leader and their own sense that the United States is a retreating global power.

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Opinion: The last thing Biden needs

The last thing President Joe Biden needs in 2022 are crises with Russia and China, and increased tensions with Iran and possibly North Korea. Sadly, that may well be where events are heading. And it's not at all clear whether even a skillful combination of deterrence and diplomacy can prevent them.

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Opinion: This the cure for the racism fueling climate catastrophe

In a few days' time world leaders will meet at the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland. There, they will get a rare and precious opportunity not only to combat global warming, but also to acknowledge -- and make a commitment to fight -- the interconnected crises of climate change and social and racial injustice. Will they take it?

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WHO: 'Single biggest health threat facing humanity'

The World Health Organization, in a new special report, is calling for governments and policymakers to "act with urgency" on the climate and health crises. The report describes climate change as the "single biggest health threat facing humanity," and outlines 10 recommended climate and health actions along with the research in support of why each action is beneficial.

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Opinion: The debt limit is still a ticking time bomb

After weeks of partisan gridlock, Congress is on track to extend the debt ceiling, averting a potential default looming in less than two weeks. But the solution merely moves the new fiscal cliff to December, aligning the deadline with other imminent crises, like a potential government shutdown if a new funding bill is not enacted.

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White House toils amid multiple crises on Labor Day

There is no rest for an under-pressure White House this Labor Day as President Joe Biden tackles health, economic and legislative challenges that deepened on his watch and are beginning to erode his political standing.

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Biden forced to pivot foreign policy focus to crises in neighboring nations

President Joe Biden has staked his presidency on America's return -- a return to normalcy amid the coronavirus pandemic, a return to the global stage following four years of Trump-era isolationism and, arguably, a return to many of the policy positions adopted by the Obama administration.

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