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Florida House passes bill creating election police force

The Republican-controlled Florida House on Wednesday night passed a voting overhaul bill that would create a new security office to investigate election crimes and increase penalties for violating the state's elections laws.

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CNN goes inside factory boosting US PPE production

The US Medical Glove Company, or USMGC, aims to reduce US reliance on imports of medical gloves from the Far East, especially China and Thailand, while creating American jobs that pay well beyond the minimum wage. CNN's Scott McLean has more.

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What the Texas abortion decision portends for reproductive rights

For months, abortion bans made national headlines, in large part thanks to Texas. The state passed a law banning abortion at six weeks, the point at which doctors could detect fetal cardiac activity, and allowed any private citizen to sue a doctor or person aiding or abetting someone seeking an abortion for at least $10,000 dollars a procedure. The legislation solved the state's problems of enforcing laws by creating a lucrative bounty and incentivizing neighbors, friends and family to report one another.

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This is the hidden cost of Trumpism

• Trump allies are angling for election jobs up and down the ballot • Analysis: Why Trump is creating chaos in Georgia's Republican Party

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