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See these Viking family members' remains reunited

The National Museum of Denmark will display two Viking skeletons, found to be related, that were discovered in different countries. The remains have given researchers a glimpse into Viking life in its heyday.

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Rubio says US must fight China's 'extraterritorial reach,' citing CNN report

US Sen. Marco Rubio said Thursday that the United States needed to fight back against the "extraterritorial reach" of the Chinese government to better protect Uyghurs around the world, citing a CNN investigation into the alleged deportation of Uyghurs from several major Arab countries at Beijing's request.

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What we know about the Covid-19 Delta variant first found in India

A coronavirus variant first detected in India in February has now gone global, popping up in dozens of countries and raising fears that the strain may spearhead a wave of infection that could overwhelm health care systems, reverse reopening plans and even potentially undermine the rollout of vaccines.

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See Kamala Harris' response after Lester Holt corrects her

Vice President Kamala Harris was asked by NBC's Lester Holt why she hadn't visited the US-Mexico border as she works with Central American countries on what the Biden administration says are the root issues of the immigration crisis. CNN's Jeremy Diamond reports.

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Why Wall Street fears a global tax deal

Looking to fund big spending projects at home, the United States has an ambitious pitch for countries around the world: It's time to overhaul the global tax system.

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What will Kamala Harris seek in Mexico?

There are several questions around Vice President Kamala Harris's upcoming trip to Mexico and Guatemala on June 7 and 8. They mainly involve the larger of those two countries, but as the US seeks to deepen its ties in Latin America -- and, importantly, as it hopes to stem the flow of migrants heading to the southern US border -- the answers will help determine whether the Biden administration can effectively address the so-called "root causes" of that migration in Mexico and the Northern Triangle of Central America.

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The rest of the world is far from 'normal'

As rich nations prepare for a return to some sort of post-pandemic normalcy, aided by high vaccination rates, many poorer countries are struggling with explosive case numbers and rising Covid-19 deaths amid a dearth of shots.  

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Haunting lessons from 40 years of fighting AIDS

Recent headlines about the Covid-19 pandemic have careened between the hopeful -- in countries with effective vaccination programs -- and the tragic, as the unimaginable death toll in India and elsewhere continues to rise.

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WHO chief has warning for those who think pandemic is over

World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said it would be a "monumental error" to think that the danger from the Covid-19 pandemic has passed and urged countries to continue measures to limit the coronavirus.

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