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Biden taps several long-time aides for White House roles

President-elect Joe Biden has tapped Louisa Terrell, a long-time aide and Capitol Hill veteran, as his director of legislative affairs -- a role that means she'll be in charge of shepherding Biden's agenda through what could be a divided Congress.

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What the Greatest Generation had that the Covid generation lacks

An unchecked pandemic is about to run smack into what has traditionally been the busiest travel weekend of the year. And though airports and highways won't be as packed as years past, many Americans are heading into the holiday without the appropriate concern about Covid-19, despite warnings from public health officials that Thanksgiving celebrations could become superspreader events.

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EVA Air launches speed dating 'flight to nowhere'

It might be less spiritual than the Buddhist mantra-chanting flight in Thailand, but EVA Air's latest "flight to nowhere" idea could be just as magical -- by helping people find love in the sky.

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NATO chief warns against premature withdrawal from Afghanistan

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued a stark warning Tuesday that any premature withdrawal from Afghanistan could be dangerous, a day after CNN and other outlets reported that President Donald Trump is eyeing a troop drawdown against the advice of the nation's top military officials.

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