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Trump wants you to boycott Coke. His properties are still serving it

Over the past few years former President Donald Trump has called for boycotts against a number of companies, so it's hardly unusual to see him add Coca-Cola, Delta and other corporate giants that recently spoke out against Georgia's laws restricting voting access.

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'Woke' Corporate America is here to stay

Conservative lawmakers concerned by the growing list of major corporations taking progressive stances on hot-button political issues should expect more of the same for the foreseeable future.

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It's time for corporations to pay what they owe

America's corporate sector owes the rest of the economy big time. And the Biden administration is taking first steps to redress this through long-overdue tax reforms that will help pay for the modernization of infrastructure that businesses -- and all of us -- need to thrive.

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Opinion: Why Mitch McConnell is warning corporate CEOs

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's recent warning to the corporate CEOs of America that they would face serious consequences for using "economic blackmail" to protest against voter suppression laws is neither a gaffe nor a misstatement. Rather, it reflects the state of a Republican Party that is settling into its post-Donald Trump identity.

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Manchin warns Biden's infrastructure bill is in trouble over corporate tax hikes

Sen. Joe Manchin, an influential centrist Democrat, warned Monday that the Biden administration's massive infrastructure package can't pass in its current form because he and a handful of other Senate Democrats believe the corporate tax hikes proposed in the bill -- designed to offset its costs -- are too steep.

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