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NY Times faces controversy after making changes to Wordle

Some Wordle players have complained that the puzzle's most recent solutions seemed more difficult than before The New York Times took over. The newspaper stated that it would not make any changes, but players discovered that more than one solution to the game exists now.

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The complicated politics around Novak Djokovic's vaccine dispute

CNN's Bianca Nobilo breaks down what's behind the high emotions surrounding Novak Djokovic's Covid-19 vaccine controversy. He is confined to a hotel in Melbourne as he mounts a legal challenge to the revocation of his visa ahead of the Australian Open.

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South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem's daughter was given an extra chance to obtain real estate license, former state employee testifies

The former state employee who is at the center of the controversy over whether South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem intervened to help her daughter obtain a real estate appraiser license testified before state lawmakers on Tuesday that Noem's daughter was given an extra chance to correct her work so that her application would not be denied and that the state's process for handling her application was unusual.

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What you don't understand about Rep. Lauren Boebert

On Day 3 of the controversy caused by Lauren Boebert's suggestion that a Muslim member of Congress might be a terrorist, the Colorado Republican said that she "can't wait" to debate the issue with Rep. Ilhan Omar on a Fox News primetime show.

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House votes to censure GOP Rep. Gosar

• House removes Gosar from committees over violent video targeting AOC and Biden • Analysis: Gosar has a history of controversy

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