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France is sending a second Statue of Liberty to the US

New Yorkers have a surprise gift to look forward to for this Independence Day: a second Statue of Liberty sent by France. This new bronze statue, nicknamed the "little sister," is one-sixteenth the size of the world-famous one that stands on Liberty Island. On Monday, during a special ceremony, the smaller sibling was lifted and loaded into a special container at the National Museum of Arts and Crafts (CNAM) in central Paris, where it has been installed since 2011 in the museum's garden. It will be erected on Ellis Island, just across the water from the original, from July 1 to July 5.

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Oil prices dip after ship is partially freed

Oil prices are falling after the Ever Given container ship was partially pried free in the Suez Canal, giving rise to hopes that a crucial lane of global trade can soon reopen.

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Fresh bid to dislodge Suez Canal container ship gets under way

Efforts to dislodge the huge container ship stuck in the Suez Canal intensified Saturday as the backlog of ships at either end of the crucial waterway grew, heightening concerns over the impact of the blockage on global supply chains.

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US Navy plans to send assessment team

The US Navy in the Middle East plans to send an assessment team of dredging experts to the Suez Canal as soon as Saturday to advise local authorities attempting to free the gigantic container ship which has been stuck there since Tuesday, according to two defense officials.

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Suez Canal traffic jam blocks the world's jugular

The Suez Canal made headlines on Wednesday. A 59-foot-wide container ship called the Ever Given rammed into the eastern bank of the 120-mile-long Suez Canal. Traveling at a speed of 13 knots (15 mph), the 1,300 foot, 200,000-ton ultra large container ship came to a sudden stop with her bow aground in Asia and her astern at rest in Africa, creating a blockage in a waterway that sees 12% of the world commerce pass through it every year. As of Thursday, tugboats are still working to dislodge the Ever Given.

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Container ship runs aground in Suez Canal

Seven tug boats have come to the aid of a container ship that ran aground in the Suez Canal on Tuesday and blocked other vessels from transiting one of the world's most important waterways.

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How to fix our food delivery trash problem

Billions of single-use takeout containers end up in landfills every year. New food delivery startup DeliverZero wants to change that with reusable containers.

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