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Where is the iPhone 12?

Consumers who tuned in to Apple's signature early September event hoping to hear tantalizing details about the forthcoming iPhone 12 were treated instead to an hour-long infomercial detailing the company's latest Apple Watch models and a refreshed line of mid-range and low-cost iPads.

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The great grocery boom is slowing down

As the pandemic began in the spring, consumers were hoarding groceries and household staples, driving up sales at top chains like Walmart, Costco and Kroger.

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Opinion: The market rebound shows why it doesn't pay to panic

Many people are scratching their heads about the stock market's stunning rebound since March. How can Wall Street be doing so well at a time when many consumers have lost their jobs during the Covid-19 crisis and are struggling economically as a result?

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The Clorox wipes shortage is expected to last into 2021

Clorox, the world's biggest maker of disinfectant cleaning materials, said consumers will continue to see a shortage of its wipes and other products into 2021 because of overwhelming demand during the pandemic.

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Why CBD products are getting cheaper

The CBD craze has mellowed out, but economics are working in consumers' favor. CBD products have gotten cheaper, and it looks like they'll stay that way.

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How to help a Black-owned business on #BlackoutDay2020

Today is #BlackoutDay2020. To demonstrate their economic force with an estimated $1.3 trillion in spending power, Black consumers -- and anyone wishing to support the Black community in its quest for justice against systemic racism and financial inequity -- are encouraged to not spend money today.

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