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He was forced into hiding after Trump team's conspiracies

Eric Coomer, an executive of a voting machine company that has been the target of conspiracy theories in the aftermath of Donald Trump's 2020 election loss, is suing the Trump Campaign, as well as several Trump allies, for defamation.

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Trump refuses to denounce QAnon conspiracies

At a town hall hosted by NBC, President Donald Trump doubled down his refusal to denounce QAnon, a group that promotes debunked conspiracy theories about a satanic pedophilia ring involving Democrats, saying that he's never heard of them.

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Fact check: Trump's election-related conspiracy theories

President Donald Trump has long floated conspiracy theories. With the election ramping up he's promoting conspiracies about Joe Biden and the coronavirus. CNN's Daniel Dale breaks down Trump's recent claims.

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GOP candidate spread conspiracies about Charlottesville and 'Pizzagate'

In the years before she ran for office, GOP congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene wrote two conspiracy-laden blog posts speculating that the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, that led to one counter-protester's death was an "inside job" and promoting a debunked conspiracy alleging some Democratic Party leaders were running a human-trafficking and pedophilia ring -- known as "Pizzagate" -- was real.

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Trump embraces QAnon conspiracy because 'they like me'

After skirting the issue for weeks, President Donald Trump offered an embrace Wednesday of the fringe internet phenomenon QAnon, praising its followers for supporting him and shrugging off its outlandish conspiracies.

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