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Are Americans ready for a return to pre-pandemic normal? Depends on what 'normal' means.

Most Americans are weary of Covid-19, recent polling shows, but there's less consensus over how that exhaustion should translate into policy. Public opinion, these surveys suggest, isn't a struggle between two clearly defined opposing camps -- one favoring an immediate and total lifting of Covid precautions and the other a state of lockdown. Rather, Americans hold a broad spectrum of complex, conflicted and changeable views on managing the pandemic.

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Opinion: How Democrats can keep Republicans out of power

As 2021 winds down, there is a growing consensus that 2022 is going to be a tough year for the Democratic Party. The momentary relief the party experienced at the start of the year when President Joe Biden was inaugurated, Americans began getting vaccinated and the economy seemed to be rebounding feels but a distant memory.

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Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are blocking a new Democratic consensus, leaving the fate of President Biden's agenda in doubt

It's hard to see amid the stormy conflict with Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, but the elongated Democratic standoff over President Joe Biden's economic agenda shows how far the party consensus has moved toward a more aggressive role for government than during the presidencies of Bill Clinton or even Barack Obama.

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Israel's new plan is to 'shrink,' not solve, the Palestinian conflict. Here's what that looks like

The new Israeli government that toppled long-serving Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this summer is full of contradictions. There's pro-peace leftists, pro-settlement right-wingers, pragmatic centrists and even for the first time an Arab Islamist party, all sitting together in one governing coalition. On the most divisive issue -- the Israeli-Palestinian conflict -- there is almost no consensus, which is just how Micah Goodman likes it.

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Why your old video games may be worth millions

When Roberto Dillon began collecting retro video games more than 12 years ago, he scoured auction sites and connected with niche groups of hobbyists to amass a personal archive that is now hundreds of titles strong. But at the time, there was a consensus among collectors that buying old games was "a sort of fad," said the academic and game developer.

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'He's not going to sit in silence': How the nation's top general found himself caught up in Trump's political wars

In December 2018, then-President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he would nominate Gen. Mark Milley as the next chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Milley was not the consensus pick, and then-Defense Secretary James Mattis objected to his selection. But Trump wanted the square jawed, barrel-chested general whom he saw as straight from central casting as his top military officer.

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Opinion: Wars will last forever if Congress won't acknowledge they're over

These days, getting Democrats and Republicans -- Congress and the President -- to agree on anything meaningful seems like a pipe dream. But now there is a rapidly growing consensus throughout Washington on one important matter: the constitutional responsibility of Congress to decide when -- and if -- our country goes to war.

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Opinion: America desperately needs a Truth and Racial Healing Commission

Racism remains this nation's Achilles' heel. If we do not face it and fix it, we will continue to suffer. The news in the past few weeks, from the police shooting of Daunte Wright to the debate about voter suppression, underscores once again that we have a long way to go to fulfill America's promise of justice and equal opportunity for every American. To get closer to fulfilling that aspiration, we first need a consensus about the history of racism in the US and the effect it still has today.

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Biden's most important stimulus measure

The US federal government should spend more money, and fast, to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, rescue hard-hit families and help states, cities and small businesses. But it should also strive for a relief package built on some degree of bipartisan consensus.

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Harriet Tubman on $20 bill symbolizes a new era

It's clear after his first week in office that President Joe Biden's leadership marks a new era, one in which the White House intends to be the disruptor of what's always been, to forge national consensus around confronting systemic racism, making that -- as he put it Tuesday -- one of "the core values of this nation." Biden's laser focus on racial justice represents the most sustained presidential focus on race matters that America has ever seen, at least since Reconstruction or Lyndon Johnson's Great Society.

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Opinion: The four issues that could unite a divided America

With Joe Biden set to inherit a divided America in January, he'll face considerable challenges, all of which will be made harder without cooperation, consensus-building and compromise. But with the far extremes of both parties resistant to coming together, who will be there to work with? This week, CNN political commentators Van Jones and Alice Stewart tackle this in our discussion, but first, Van Jones writes our op-ed: What comes next for America and unity? --SE Cupp

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