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Analysis: A new world war over technology

Nations and companies around the world are being sucked into a running battle over the future of technology between the United States and China, forcing them to choose sides in a conflict that is fracturing global supply chains and pushing businesses out of lucrative markets.

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Opinion: While Trump wages a political war, dangerous conflicts unfold in Asia

While the United States has been wrecked by domestic crises for most of 2020, the rest of the world hasn't stopped turning. Instead, many global threats -- like North Korea -- have grown in breadth and depth while the administration has scrambled to belatedly battle the Covid-19 pandemic and to deal with domestic divisions and the outcry over police brutality and systemic racism. Concurrently, while President Donald Trump has been waging a war on his perceived political enemies, tensions between China and India, two nuclear armed powers, have escalated with fatal consequences.

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Opinion: The psychologist in the Trump family speaks

Born into a fabulously wealthy family of seemingly continuous intrigues, betrayals and conflicts, Mary L. Trump did not seek the spotlight. She earned a master's in literature at Columbia and a doctorate in psychology at Adelphi University.

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