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Missing element in the George Floyd murder trial

As a former prosecutor and criminal law professor in Minneapolis, I am fielding a lot of calls about the upcoming trial of Derek Chauvin, who is accused of murdering George Floyd in this city. The media wants to know about the charges, the jury selection, the effects of televising the case and what the lawyers might do. No one has asked me about the very thing that makes this case important: The racially disproportionate treatment of Black Americans by the police. The trial will be a cyclone circling around the unmoving mass at its center -- race -- that silently drives the fury around it.

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'Coming 2 America' brings Eddie Murphy back, riding a wave of nostalgia

"Coming 2 America" was clearly designed to be crowd-pleasing back when crowds were possible, and as such it's among the few movies redirected from theaters to streaming that have genuinely lost something because of it. That said, it's still a good deal of fun, reassembling old faces from the 1988 original while adding plenty of new ones.

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Opinion: Democrats might regret this bill

The US Senate is expected to pass a $1.9 trillion Covid-19 relief bill in the coming days before it heads to President Joe Biden's desk to be signed into law. This may seem like a major win for the new administration and congressional Democrats, but it's actually a Pyrrhic victory -- one that they may come to regret in the weeks and months ahead.

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Iconic actors reunite for long-awaited sequel

"Coming to America" stars Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall join "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to talk about reprising their many roles in the upcoming sequel of the 1988 hit film.

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Analysis: Why the next 72 hours could decide Cuomo's political career

With a woman coming forward to allege that Andrew Cuomo made unwanted advances to her at a wedding they both attended in 2019, the New York governor is now facing three allegations that he behaved inappropriately with women -- two of whom worked for him in some capacity.

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The pandemic is taking an alarming toll on children

Almost a year into the pandemic, what began as a public health emergency is turning into a mental health crisis among our nation's children and adolescents as they struggle with social isolation, grief, and the switch to remote learning. It is becoming increasingly clear that this crisis will endure well beyond the pandemic.

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CDC announces travel restrictions for countries hit by Ebola

Travel precautions will be imposed for individuals coming to the US from Guinea and the Democratic Republic of Congo -- two countries fighting recent outbreaks of the Ebola virus, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday.

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Jill Biden opens up about divorce

Jill Biden shared some candid relationship advice when she appeared on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" for her first solo interview since becoming first lady.

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