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Anderson Cooper: White House wishes story would go away

CNN's Anderson Cooper questions why President Trump could come away with a different understanding on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, even as several senators agreed to introduce legislation to punish Saudi Arabia.

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Team USA hockey wary of 'dangerous' Russia

New York (Reuters) - The U.S. men's Olympic hockey team know they face a big challenge to come away from Pyeongchang with a medal and will face the biggest obstacle to that goal in the first round - a "dangerous" group of Russians playing under the Olympic flag.

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'Nothing burger' has been around for decades

What's a nothing burger? Imagine biting into what you think is a thick, juicy, hot half-pound of wagyu on a kaiser only to come away with a mouthful of...nothing.

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Norah Jones Returns to Her Jazz Roots

Her new album, “Day Breaks,” brings her back into the jazz fold following the countrified folk and low-gloss pop that marked her albums after “Come Away With Me.”

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In New York harbor, a demonstration of the America's Cup on a budget

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Six teams including some of the world's best sailors were set to race ultra-light, high-tech catamarans at near highway speeds around New York Harbor this weekend in what organizers hope is a mass appeal on-water event, all done on smaller budgets than past pre-America's Cup competitions.The thousands of shoreline spectators expected to line the Hudson River will not come away with an impression of an elite regatta being pulled off on the cheap in one of the world's most exp

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Opinion: The truth about that foreign policy makeover

Listening to last night's two Republican presidential candidate debates, you might have come away with the impression that if a Republican wins the White House, U.S. foreign policy is going to be radically different. The GOP will lead in juxtaposition to President Barack Obama's abdication, risk ready in contrast to his risk aversion. America -- now no longer feared, respected, and admired -- will once again stand tall.

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Christie: Fiorina talked too much about...

She may have come away the pundits' winner, but New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Thursday Carly Fiorina talked too much last night about herself and not enough about the issues.

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