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FDA authorizes Johnson & Johnson vaccine

The US Food and Drug Administration authorized Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine Saturday. It is the first single dose Covid-19 vaccine available in the US, and is one that "checks nearly all the boxes."

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American consumer spending jumps

US consumer spending jumped at its quickest pace since June as stimulus checks put more cash into Americans' wallets.

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Animal cruelty cases surge in freezing Texas

• As power is restored for most Texans, water problems begin to mount • Fact-checking the energy-failure blame game • 'Y'all, I cannot believe this!': Mom films disaster in Texas home

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Fact-checking the Texas energy-failure blame game

• How could this happen in America? Texas was unprepared. So is the rest of the country • 'Y'all, I cannot believe this!': Mom films disaster in Texas home • Live updates: Catch up on Texas' power outages and water shortage

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Read the full Covid relief and $15 minimum wage increase bill

House Democrats on Friday released the full text of their $1.9 Covid-19 relief bill, which includes an increase in the federal minimum wage, direct checks for Americans making $75,000 or less a year, an extension of $400 federal unemployment benefits and more money for small businesses struggling amid the pandemic.

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Facebook faces a global backlash

Facebook's decision to block people from sharing news in Australia has been rebuked by lawmakers around the world, raising the specter of a much wider showdown between the world's biggest social media platform and the governments and news organizations fighting to check its power.

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Why 'It's a Sin' resonates for the Covid generation

In the second episode of new TV drama, "It's a Sin," a young woman named Jill comes to check on a friend who's been unwell. "Just keep your distance!", he blurts as he opens the door, then jumps back six feet -- leaving her hanging awkwardly in his doorway. Before long, she's running his errands and dropping off groceries on the doorstep. But each time she returns to her own apartment, the viewer sees Jill scrub frantically in the shower, scouring herself to purge the taint of the infected household.

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