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Why the AstraZeneca vaccine is so important to the global economy

The United Kingdom on Wednesday become the first country to approve the coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca. The shot is cheaper and easier to distribute than alternatives, and is expected to play a crucial role in boosting the global economy next year.

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Artist turns viral images into fine art

Gina Beavers's art changed dramatically in 2010. She had been making hard-edged abstract paintings and was unenthused about them, especially after admiring several racks of T-shirts in a store with screen-printed abstractions on them. Beavers liked the shirts better than her own paintings, and, at $5.00 each, they were not only cheaper but easier to make.

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Nigerian scientists develop cheaper and faster Covid-19 test kits

Scientists in Nigeria have developed a cheaper and faster Covid-19 test kit that will enable testing to be ramped up in a place that has faced kit shortages and chronic under-testing of a massive population, according to the country's health authorities.  

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Why CBD products are getting cheaper

The CBD craze has mellowed out, but economics are working in consumers' favor. CBD products have gotten cheaper, and it looks like they'll stay that way.

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