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See how cities are ringing in new year amid Omicron

The quick spread of the Omicron variant is putting a damper on New Year's Eve celebrations around the world. While some smaller events are still taking place, it will be a grim start to another year of the coronavirus pandemic. CNN's Hala Gorani takes a look at how major cities around the world plan to ring in 2022 in the shadow of the Omicron variant.

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Opinion: The deep meaning of this year's Hanukkah

Like millions of other Americans, I am bewildered and frustrated by the inequities and abuses of freedom that have defined our current moment. Our collective brokenness, exemplified by the acquittal (and by some, celebration) of Kyle Rittenhouse and the racism on display in the trial of the men convicted of killing Ahmaud Arbery, casts a darkness that at times has nearly overwhelmed me. Lately, when that happens, I look to my Hanukkah menorah standing on my bookshelf, awaiting its role in the upcoming holiday.

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Hanukkah celebrations take new forms after a year of adversity

Celebrating Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, is a bright spot for Jewish people after nearly two years of living in a pandemic. Over 5.1 million people have died worldwide from Covid-19, but rising vaccination numbers have allowed a mixture of virtual and in-person events this year.

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