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Why the Taliban beheaded Sohail Pardis

Sohail Pardis was on his way to pick up his sister in Afghanistan's Khost province for the upcoming Eid celebrations marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. What was supposed to be a joyous occasion turned into a horrific nightmare as he reached a Taliban-controlled checkpoint along his route to Kabul. As CNN reported Friday, villagers witnessed Taliban militants drag Pardis out of the vehicle and behead him.

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Masks are back, as Delta variant forces dramatic reversal in US

Less than a month ago, the United States seemed to be shaking off the shackles of the coronavirus pandemic. A sense of achievement was in the air. At a Fourth of July celebration, President Joe Biden said America was roaring back to life and "closer than ever" to declaring its independence from the virus.

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Why this July Fourth feels like a celebration

What a difference a year and a president can make. Last July 4th was anything but a celebration. Our country was being ravaged by Covid. The daily death toll was nearly 500 a day and climbing -- on the way to over 3,000 daily deaths by January 2021. The national unemployment rate in June 2020 was over 11%, with record jobless numbers in Massachusetts, (17.4%), New Jersey (16.6%) and New York (15.7%)

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Dr. Wen explains: What's safe to do this weekend

With the Fourth of July holiday weekend upon us, many people are attending small backyard barbecues, pool parties and bigger celebrations like large gatherings or firework displays.

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'Sometimes we get forgotten about'

A bronze sculpture of a tin miner overlooks a short strip of budget food and clothing stores, and boarded up businesses in Cornwall's Redruth. It's a celebration of the town's proud mining history, but also a reminder of its decline. A surgical mask on the statue's face symbolizes the town's sense of community -- and its collective anxiety over how it will pull through the pandemic.

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LGBTQ people are calling out disingenuous Pride merchandise

Every year, on the first breath of summer, Pride collections emerge like a horde of brightly-colored locusts. They blanket every storefront and Instagram feed in June, promising solidarity and celebration for LGBTQ communities. "Yaas, Queen!" the shirts proclaim. "Love is love," the decorative buttons affirm. Then there are the rainbow-printed suits and shoes, which bear no actual words but are still so very, very loud.

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