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How the Czech Republic slipped into a Covid disaster, one misstep at a time

On an epidemiological map of the world, the Czech Republic shows up as a tiny island of doom and gloom. While the global number of new coronavirus cases has been dropping for six consecutive weeks, the Central European nation of 10 million has been experiencing near record levels of new infections.

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Stocks are falling. But it's not all bad news

A burst of anxiety is ricocheting across financial markets as Wall Street sets expectations for the next phase of the pandemic, which could take hold this spring and summer as vaccinations rise and coronavirus cases fall.

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India was in crisis months ago. Why have its Covid cases plummeted?

Six months ago, India was in crisis. Critically ill Covid-19 patients were being turned away from hospitals. Doctors were collapsing from exhaustion. And the virus was spreading through crowded slums, home to millions of the country's poorest people.

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Opinion: Our mask-wearing road trip across a battered America

In January, as Covid cases spiked in California, refrigerated morgue trucks rolled into Los Angeles, ICUs overflowed, oxygen supplies depleted and full ambulances waited in lines for hours, my wife, Andrea, and I faced a dilemma. The two of us had spent Christmas in Tucson, and planned to drive home to Los Angeles, but our 11-year-old son was in Florida with his biological dad. Andrea had a plane ticket to bring Wyatt back. But flying, especially out of Los Angeles International Airport, seemed too risky. Better to stay at super-clean Airbnbs, order contactless food, and drive across the country to Miami.

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A raging fire engulfs a hotel in Texas

• Animal cruelty cases surge in freezing Texas • 5 ways you can help those facing homelessness in the cold • 'Y'all, I cannot believe this!': Mom films disaster in Texas home

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Animal cruelty cases surge in freezing Texas

• As power is restored for most Texans, water problems begin to mount • Fact-checking the energy-failure blame game • 'Y'all, I cannot believe this!': Mom films disaster in Texas home

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