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Impeachment will help Dems in November

Republican lawyers did little Saturday to refute the case against Donald J. Trump laid out earlier this week by House managers, who deftly demonstrated that there is concrete evidence of wrongdoing. Democrats pulled out all of the key evidence, from official transcripts, to footage of the testimonies of key witnesses, to videos of Trump corroborating their arguments in his own words.

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Opinion: Worlds collide over Trump

In 2020 America, members of the two political tribes can largely go their own ways without having to pay attention to the other side. Except for last week: The Republican controlled Senate had to sit silently and listen to the Democrats as they methodically made their case that President Donald Trump should be removed from office.

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Canada identifies first case of coronavirus

Canada on Saturday declared the first "presumptive" confirmed case of the deadly coronavirus in a resident who had returned from the central Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak of the viral disease.

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Canada identifies first coronavirus case

Canada declared on Saturday that Toronto Public Health has received notification of first presumptive confirmed case of coronavirus in a resident who recently returned from Wuhan, the government said in a statement.

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