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Drones allowed this photographer to capture synchronized swimming like never before

The scene is viewed from above: Eight women in white halter bathing suits and matching swim caps form geometric shapes in a pristine turquoise swimming pool. They cascade like dominoes on the diagonal, join their arms and legs in kaleidoscopic compositions, and peek out from under the white shimmery discs of open parasols.

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Evelyn Yang says Columbia University and New York DA 'grossly mishandled' case of Ob-Gyn she accuses of sexual assault

Evelyn Yang, whose appearance on CNN last month to share her story of alleged sex assault at the hands of a former Columbia University gynecologist spurred a cascade of new accusers against the same doctor, applauded the Manhattan District Attorney's announcement that it plans to investigate the new claims, but said the DA and university must be held to account as well.

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Opinion: Trump deserves to be booed

Another sporting event, another cascade of boos hurled at President Donald Trump. Though booing of politicians is not that unusual, it sure seems like Trump is making booing him at sporting events America's newest pastime. And the boos, perhaps on their own unremarkable, signify a growing swath of the American population may be unhappy with the President's job performance.

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Markets could face 'bearish black hole'

Warnings are sounding in global financial markets, punctuated by a cascade of selling in everything from stocks and crude oil to metals like iron ore.

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