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What working-class Americans want

Forty years ago, I worked on an assembly line and as a gas station attendant. Those minimum wage jobs helped put me through college and law school. Throw in government grants, scholarships, low interest loans and hard work, and a kid from an ordinary background was launched on a path to economic prosperity. I'm a good example of the upward mobility that has always been a critical feature of American capitalism. In hindsight, I can see that being born a white male also helped me.

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Was this the most bizarre fashion week ever?

As a month-long schedule of both digital and physical shows across four major capitals comes to a close in Paris today, the mood in the fashion world is difficult to gauge. On the one hand, a number of designers have shown that against all odds beauty and creativity can thrive even in the most challenging of contexts. On the other, the industry's role -- at least as it is now -- in a world that seems defined by political conflict, and health and climate-related uncertainty -- is unclear.

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Germany is a victim of its own success at fighting coronavirus

It was a woman with blonde dreadlocks who capped off one of the biggest anti-coronavirus demonstrations in Europe on Saturday, which saw tens of thousands of anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists and the far-right march through the German capital, Berlin.

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Trump campaign seeks post-convention bounce after rough stretch

Standing mask-less last week at the counter of Arcaro & Genell Takeaway Kitchen in Old Forge, Pennsylvania -- "Pizza Capital of the World" -- President Donald Trump found himself, for the first time in a long time, in the role of retail politician.

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