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Opinion: Weaknesses in Russia's military revealed, writes Petraeus

Retired Gen. David Petraeus, who commanded US forces in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, says the Russians are facing a Ukraine military that is exceptionally determined, surprisingly capable and innovative, and one that is fighting on its home territory for its very survival.

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Are mushroom coffins the secret to an eco-friendly death?

Fungi are not fussy diners. Cardboard, plastic, jet fuel and asbestos -- fungi will devour them all. In 2007, scientists studying Chernobyl's blighted landscape discovered a fungus capable of "eating" radiation. It almost goes without saying, then, that fungi have little trouble decomposing us.

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Satellite images appear to show China is making significant progress developing missile silos that could eventually launch nuclear weapons

Rapid construction at three suspected silo fields in China -- which could eventually be capable of launching long-range nuclear missiles -- appears to indicate that Beijing is putting substantial efforts and resources into the development of its nuclear capabilities, according to analysis of new commercial satellite images.

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See new images from North Korea

New satellite images obtained by CNN reveal North Korea is expanding a key facility capable of enriching uranium for nuclear weapons, renovations that likely indicate the country plans to significantly ramp-up production at this once-dormant site in the near future, according to experts who analyzed the photos. CNN's Alex Marquardt reports.

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My favorite shows right now are both about anger

As the world's fittest and most capable athletes gave the performances of their lives this week in Tokyo, I worked my way through my second bowl of Cocoa Pebbles of the day to write this column.

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