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'So disgusting': Tapper slams Trump campaign attacks

CNN's Jake Tapper reacts after President Donald Trump took the stage for the final presidential debate of the 2020 election, saying Trump is "running the single most negative, sleazy campaign in American history for a major party candidate."

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This pressing issue must come up at the last debate

On Thursday evening, Americans have one last chance to hear President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden on the same stage for 90 minutes. While neither candidate is likely to change course or depart from their stump speech, Americans deserve to hear both candidates address the pressing issue of poverty.

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Trump should be 'unmuted' at debate

The Commission on Presidential Debates is giving an enormous advantage to Donald Trump with its plan to mute the microphones of the candidates at Thursday night's presidential debate when they're not supposed to be speaking. That was likely not the commission's intent, and I realize President Trump and his spokespeople are fuming about it, but the mute button is a gift to the Trump campaign.

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These voters are still undecided. Here's why

These Ohio voters watched the first Presidential debate and were still struggling to decide on a candidate, in the final days of the election they explain why.

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How to watch tonight's Trump and Biden town halls

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are expected to participate in competing town halls on Thursday, the same day both presidential candidates were originally scheduled to debate.

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Democrat shatters fundraising record in bid to oust Sen. Lindsey Graham

Democratic Senate candidate Jaime Harrison, running to unseat Sen. Lindsey Graham in South Carolina, raised $57 million during the final full quarter of the campaign, shattering Senate fundraising records as his party seeks to wrest control of the chamber from Republicans.

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Robert Redford: The big question I want answered

I'm not in the habit of quoting lines from movies I've appeared in, but every once in a while, something brings one of those old lines to mind. Recently, I've been thinking of a scene from a film I did in 1972 called "The Candidate."

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