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Smoke from the US West Coast wildfires has reached Europe

The wildfires devastating California and other parts of the western United States are the worst in 18 years, with vast amounts of thick smoke affecting large areas of the North America and even reaching Northern Europe, scientists said Wednesday.

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Camp for kids with cancer goes up in flames

A camp for pediatric cancer patients and their families is yet another casualty of the wildfires scarring California as the Bear Fire, part of the North Complex, burned through the area.

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In California, so much magnificence is gone

A few years ago, I would never have guessed that my beloved Northern California would be a ground zero for the global climate crisis—not here, and especially not this soon. But here we are. This year's devastating fire season, which is turning the sky an apocalyptic orange over the San Francisco Bay Area, is only one harrowing example.

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A California family recalled a harrowing escape before their home was swallowed by flames. 'We're nomads'

Toby Wait and his family have prepared to flee a number of wildfires that have burned through the rugged and dry mountains of Central California. But none were as ferocious or fast-moving as what the long-time residents of Big Creek faced this week when flames overwhelmed their community, forcing them to flee in the middle of the night and reduced their home to ashes.

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Opinion: In California, the sun never rose on Wednesday

Wednesday, it was as if the sun never rose. Dawn was murky, and by 8 a.m., it seemed to get darker. A moldering reddish-bronze haze rose around us but also made no light. Inside the house, we re-lit our lamps against the gloaming. The windows swam black, and outside, all morning, above the trees, the sky glowed grisly red. Where we had left the windows open to the night breezes, our papers, clothes, combs and brushes were coated in a fine layer of ash. The air hung, gritty and oddly cold. It was hard not to feel a deep foreboding.

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Gender reveal parties are destructive from top to bottom

If it weren't already a bad idea to throw a party without proper safety measures during a pandemic, one that sparks a massive forest fire is just arsenic-laced icing on the poison cake. A California family set off a "smoke-generating pyrotechnic device," causing a fire that is raging through the San Bernardino National Forest. The fire has burned thousands of acres, destroyed countless wildlife and may potentially cause a lot more devastation as the uncontrolled fire continues to burn.

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