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After Billie Eilish talks about porn, experts urge parents and kids to have straight talk about sex

Long gone are the days of accessing porn only at the local magazine and video stores. Today, internet and cable television services make pornographic content available to almost anyone. A lot of internet porn is available without charge, and some graphic novels and Japanese anime have incorporated pornographic or nearly pornographic images and plotlines.

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Former anchor shares inside story on Fox News' 'War on Christmas'

The 'War on Christmas' actually began centuries ago -- but Fox News figured out how to capitalize on it by beating the drum annually. On the latest "Reality Check with John Avlon" CNN's Alisyn Camerota tells the inside story of marching orders from bosses during the more than a decade she spent at the cable network.

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One killed in Czech cable car accident

One person died after a Czech cable car cabin became detached from its cable on Sunday in the north of the country, while others were rescued from another cabin, a rescue service spokesperson said.

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Opinion: Why 'Succession' is starting to fall flat

The third season of "Succession," HBO's hit drama about the family dynasty behind a fictional conservative cable news channel, has arrived just as its real-world counterparts are back in the news. Fox News just marked its 25th anniversary, continuing to exercise enormous influence on the Republican Party and the conservative movement. And on Wednesday, Donald Trump announced the creation of the Trump Media and Technology Group, which includes a proposed social media network, news outlet and streaming service.

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Diplomats sent cable warning of potential catastrophe last month

A group of US diplomats wrote a classified cable to Secretary of State Antony Blinken in mid-July warning that swift action needed to be taken because they believed the situation in Afghanistan could rapidly deteriorate and they feared a catastrophe.

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Covid outbreak at US Embassy in Afghanistan grows

The Covid-19 outbreak at the US Embassy in Kabul has grown to 159 cases, according to a diplomatic cable sent Tuesday, as a devastating third wave of the deadly disease continues to hit Afghanistan.

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