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DOJ looked into the possibility of charges against local officials in Portland

Justice Department prosecutors looked into the possibility of bringing criminal or civil charges against local officials in Portland, Oregon, over their handling of weeks of protests that for a period laid siege to a federal courthouse and other buildings, according to Kerri Kupec, a Justice Department spokeswoman.

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Opinion: The college reopening mess didn't have to happen

We shouldn't be surprised that every day seems to bring new reports about another college or university experiencing an outbreak of coronavirus and students having to be sent home. College students are of an age where they -- or their dorm mates -- are likely to be unable, or unwilling, to practice social distancing on campus.

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Breonna Taylor settlement is not close to justice

On Tuesday, the City of Louisville, Kentucky, finally settled a wrongful death lawsuit in the killing of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT shot dead in her own house by police officers who entered on a no-knock warrant. The settlement is for $12 million, every penny of which Taylor's family deserves, and not a single cent of which will bring her back.

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He was wrongfully imprisoned for 8 years, now he's a defense lawyer

Jarrett Adams is a criminal defense lawyer who has dedicated his career to bringing justice to those who are underserved. But his first and most profound experience with the law came with trying to prove his own innocence after being wrongfully imprisoned for nearly a decade.

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Tropical Storm Sally could form today

Tropical Depression 19 is bringing heavy rain and gusty winds to Florida Saturday before the storm is expected to intensify as it moves into the Gulf of Mexico later in the day.

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Barr brings DOJ to a dark new low

Just when it seemed that Attorney General William Barr couldn't degrade the Justice Department any further with efforts to protect President Donald Trump's political fortunes, Barr has found a new low.

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How we can contain Covid-19 without a vaccine

While the world is waiting for a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine, there is a strategy that can potentially bring an end to the pandemic in the United States without the development of pharmaceutical drugs. The strategy, which is cost-effective and compatible with American values like personal freedom, could feasibly bring the epidemic to a halt within two to three months.

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Truckers warn of border chaos as Brexit trade talks stall

The truckers and transportation companies that bring food and medicine into Britain say the country is not prepared for the end of free trade with the European Union, which could mean severe disruption to supplies and another blow for the battered UK economy.

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Jeep gives us a glimpse of its new Grand Wagoneer

Classic SUVs are on the comeback trail. Following the long-awaited return of the Ford Bronco in July, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is getting ready to bring back a couple of its own well-loved SUV nameplates, the Jeep Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer.

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