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Opinion: Get over it, the media isn't going to give Joe Biden a free ride

Over the past few weeks, progressive activists have lit up Twitter over the media's criticism of President Joe Biden. There have even been loud complaints that the White House briefing is no longer consistently covered live by the cable networks, as if the media is somehow trying to silence the President and his spokesperson.

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Biden is hitting reset button with Israel

Almost a month into his presidency, Joe Biden has yet to call Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. At a briefing last week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the call will take place "soon."

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'These numbers are people': How Covid-19 death data honors lives lost

On April 16, Angelina Proia was one of thousands of people tuned in to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's daily Covid-19 briefing. That day early in the pandemic, the news was encouraging; graphs flashed across the screen showing hospitalizations were down, along with ICU admissions, there were fewer deaths than the days before, and the message was "we can control the beast."

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House impeachment managers' brief

House impeachment managers filed their response to former President Donald Trump's initial pretrial brief shortly after 12 p.m. ET on Monday, their last opportunity to push back ahead of the impeachment trial on the claims that both Trump and most Senate Republicans are making that the trial itself is unconstitutional. Read their briefing below:

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Why Space Force is no laughing matter

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki drew criticism for appearing to mock Space Force during a recent briefing. But it is crucial for America's global future, says a former Commander of the Air Force Space Command.

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Why it matters Biden restored press briefings

Something unusual is happening in Washington, DC: Media briefings, and lots of them. Real live briefings where the press gets to ask questions to the administration and spokespeople and senior officials actually answer them.

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Dr. Fauci clears up the debate on double masking

During a White House Covid-19 briefing, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that although the CDC has not yet outlined specific guidelines regarding the trend of wearing two masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, he often double masks.

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New coronavirus variants threaten to stress US system more, CDC head says

The first Covid-19 briefing of the Biden administration got off to an unfortunate start on Wednesday with multiple technical difficulties. The administration has repeatedly touted their transparency amid the enormous undertaking of getting the pandemic under control, but the briefing, which was conducted virtually via Zoom, had multiple audiovisual issues.

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