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Analysis: Trump deal with Morocco is yet another headache for Biden team

On Thursday, Morocco became the fourth Arab state this year to announce it would establish relations with Israel. It was another diplomatic win for the Trump administration, with US President Donald Trump tweeting that it was "a massive breakthrough for peace in the Middle East!"

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US stocks rise sharply after Moderna says vaccine is 94.5% effective

US stocks were poised to hit new record highs on Monday after Moderna said that its experimental Covid-19 vaccine is highly effective, heralding another breakthrough in the fight against coronavirus that could eventually help the world's biggest economies recover from deep recessions.

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Here are the words defining the 2020 presidential campaign

The coronavirus isn't just dominating this year of Donald Trump's presidency, it's also defining his campaign. New research from a CNN polling project called The Breakthrough shows that in this unusual election year, Americans are hearing more about Trump than they are about Joe Biden, and what they hear about Trump is more likely about coronavirus than any other topic.

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