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Fareed: This is how Republicans keep their power

CNN's Fareed Zakaria's discusses President Trump's failure to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election in November and how he could use other branches of the government to retain his position.

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Military data reveals dangerous reality for black service members

Top US military officials are seeking to reassure the nation's roughly two million active duty and reserve personnel that they are committed to addressing issues of racial inequality across the branches following George Floyd's death and protests across the country.

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Stakes of Trump tax case couldn't be higher

After years of political wrangling and multi-front litigation, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments Tuesday on the battle over President Donald Trump's tax returns. The stakes are enormous. The court will decide by the end of its current term not only whether Trump's tax returns ever see light of day, but also whether the President stands so far above the law that he cannot meaningfully be held accountable to other branches of government and the American public.

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