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SCOTUS blocks vaccine mandate for big businesses

• Live updates: Biden 'disappointed' in Supreme Court ruling blocking his vaccine and testing mandate for large businesses • Watch: Why the Supereme Court decided against vaccine mandate

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China blocks CNN's signal to prevent reporting about tennis star

Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai accused a high-level Party leader of sexual assault, triggering swift censorship across the Chinese internet. China has now blocked CNN's broadcast signal to prevent further reporting about Shuai, CNN's Will Ripley reports.

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Massive lava blocks fall from La Palma volcano

Blocks of molten lava as large as three-story buildings rolled down a hillside on the Spanish island of La Palma while a series of tremors shook the ground on Sunday three weeks after the volcanic eruption.

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Federal judge in Texas blocks ICE enforcement guidelines

A federal judge in Texas blocked guidance that limits who Immigration and Customs Enforcement should arrest or deport from the United States, marking a setback for the Biden administration, which had put those rules in place in January.

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See the street art that makes this city a destination

Colombia's capital Bogotá has embraced street art and has been fostering urban artists like never before. Self-proclaimed neo-muralist, Ledania, delivers bright colors and stylized strokes that adorn high rise buildings, hotel lobbies and city blocks.

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Florida judge blocks USDA debt relief payments to farmers of color

Debt relief payments to farmers of color from the US Department of Agriculture were blocked nationwide Wednesday by a federal judge in Florida, the second halt on the payments as push back mounts against the assistance that some White farmers say is racially discriminatory.

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