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Senate Democrats on brink of defeat on voting legislation despite frantic push

Senate Democrats are desperately searching for a way to pass voting legislation amid pressure from President Joe Biden, but the path ahead looks increasingly grim with influential moderates Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema unlikely to support a rules change necessary to get the bills over the finish line despite a frantic lobbying campaign from their own party.

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Elon Musk owes $11 billion in taxes

Elon Musk appears to have wrapped up a busy year of trading his Tesla shares Tuesday. He'll end up with one of the largest tax bills in history to show for it.

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Omicron is tearing through low-wage workers

McDonald's manager Deatric Edie was hospitalized last year after getting Covid-19. She missed two months of work, while her bills piled up and an eviction notice was slapped on her door.

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See Biden's reaction to election results

President Joe Biden reacted to a disappointing night at the polls for Democrats by urging lawmakers to pass his spending and infrastructure bills, saying "people want us to get things done."

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