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IPOs have been hot. Now investors are dumping them

2021 was a record year for initial public offerings. Looking to take advantage of hot markets, companies raised more money than ever before, netting tens of billions of dollars in the process.

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Businesses avoiding taxes costing US billions annually

Tax cheats may be costing federal and local government as much as $21 billion with tax suppression software. Known as "zappers," these thumb drives can erase cash sales so that the merchant can pocket the sales tax. CNN's Nick Watt reports.

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Facebook is shutting down its facial recognition software

Facebook said Tuesday it plans to stop using facial-recognition software that could automatically recognize people in photos and videos posted on the social network, marking a massive shift both for the tech industry and for a company known for collecting vast amounts of data about its billions of users.

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Schools still have billions of federal Covid relief money to spend

Congress authorized more than $190 billion to help America's schools reopen and stay open during the pandemic -- and while a lot of the funds were used to buy PPE, upgrade ventilation and boost summer school programs, there are still billions of dollars left to be spent.

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