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Parent records teacher's racist tirade

A Pennsylvania teacher was put on administrative leave without pay after a video surfaced showing her use racist language against a parent she'd gotten into a fender bender with.

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Trump sent 3 tweets on Mueller. He got (at least) 6 facts wrong.

President Donald Trump has been, even by his own lofty standards, on a bit of a Twitter bender over the last week or so -- simultaneously rejoicing in the fact that he was not charged in the Mueller report and angry at all of his critics for their unwillingness to drop the so-called "witch hunt."

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Mind bender: shape of human brain evolved over time

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An analysis of fossils including the oldest-known Homo sapiens specimen has revealed that brain shape in our species evolved over time to become less elongated and more globular, a change that appears to have accommodated key advances in its function.

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Take Flight

In a series of stunning short films, Kristen Wiig, Michael Fassbender and others pay homage to the ultimate Hollywood magic trick.

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