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Opinion: The Chicago 7 trial feels very real in 2020

When a movie begins by noting it is based on a true story, I instinctively wonder how Hollywood will exaggerate reality to ensure viewers are entertained. So, when a year ago papers reported that Aaron Sorkin was making a movie about the long-ago trial of the Chicago 7, I was intrigued.

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What happens when staycations fall apart

No airport testing regime to speak of. A "travel corridors" policy that now allows for unrestricted travel from England to just seven destinations around the world. And a second wave that's beginning to look more like a tsunami.

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Trump's task force invisible as US coronavirus cases surge

The often-at-odds collection of health experts and political figures who comprise President Donald Trump's coronavirus task force now appear less influential than ever as Covid-19 cases begin to spike again three weeks before Election Day.

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The size of SCOTUS is only part of the problem

As the Senate Judiciary Committee begins hearings over Judge Amy Coney Barrett's appointment to the US Supreme Court, the size of the nine-member court has become an election issue. If, as expected, Barrett is confirmed, the toxic polarization gripping the nation could be further mirrored in federal courts, which are supposed to be places where open-minded judges aim to treat all people equally and render just decisions.

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Amazon warehouse workers brace for the months ahead

Amazon is gearing up for one of its largest shopping events of the year, which is set to begin Tuesday. When layered on top of the ongoing pandemic and followed closely by the start of the holiday shopping season, some workers are worried about risks to their health and their jobs.

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This couple travels around the world naked

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Nick and Lins De Corte were stuck in Mexico, unable to get flights back to Europe as borders closed and travel restrictions heightened.

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