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Analysis: Gaetz shows Trump's style is here to stay

In a fiery defense of his reputation Friday night, embattled Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz showed how former President Donald Trump's brash, defiant politics now serve as the template for survival for the most unwelcome figures in a Republican Party that's out of power in Washington and desperately trying to reposition for 2022.

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Opinion: America's most important political battle

The most important political battle raging in the United States today, the one that will potentially have the greatest impact on American democracy, is not between Democrats and Republicans, or between the President and critics in the Senate, or even between liberals and conservatives. The most crucial battle is one that is not receiving the attention it deserves: the fight for the soul of the Republican Party.

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'Godzilla vs. Kong' turns the battle of 'alpha titans' into a C-level spectacle

Almost 60 years after they rumbled in a pretty awful 1962 movie -- featuring guys in monster suits destroying tiny models -- "Godzilla vs. Kong" reunite with all the wonders that modern special effects can offer and still don't much improve the results. After a lengthy buildup, this "thrilla" in the "MonsterVerse" -- for anyone with even modest expectations -- qualifies as a pretty sizable letdown.

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Opinion: Sports world should boycott Georgia over racist voting law

Gov. Brian Kemp and a slew of Georgia Republican lawmakers sped a sweeping election bill into a Jim-Crow-like law Thursday, imposing new voting restrictions in the battleground state. The law, wrongfully dubbed The Election Integrity Act of 2021, is a poorly disguised attack against the state's minorities following President Joe Biden's victory last November.

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Fact-checking Biden's first news conference as president

• Key takeaways from the news conference • See Kaitlan Collins' tough question for Biden • Biden says US faces battle to 'prove democracy works' against China's autocracy • Opinion: A President who doesn't insult people or our intelligence

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Major conservative groups unify behind state GOP efforts to restrict voting

National Republican groups are working to drive the state-by-state GOP efforts to limit voting -- offering guidance to the state lawmakers drafting laws to restrict ballot access, deploying grassroots activists to key battlegrounds and raising millions of dollars to block efforts by Democrats in Congress to establish a national baseline for voting rights.

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