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Memo: NBA to let teams sign replacement players

The National Basketball Association (NBA) will allow teams dealing with Covid-19 issues to add replacement players due to the rising number of cases, according to a memo dated Sunday and obtained by CNN on Monday.

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Christie decides to go right at Trump ahead of 2024

There's an axiom in basketball that when you are playing against a gifted shot-blocker, the only effective strategy is to go right at him or her. Don't shoot fade-aways; jump right into them.

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The NBA's burgeoning tattoo culture has created a new type of influencer

On any given night, NBA games are a showdown between some of the best basketball professionals in the world. But increasingly, the courts are not just stages for athletes showing their physical prowess -- they've also become an exhibition of some of the best, and most interesting, tattoos.

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From Nobel laureate to global pariah: How the world got Abiy Ahmed and Ethiopia so wrong

​​"Abiy, Abiy," the crowd chanted, waving Ethiopia's tricolor flag and cheering as the country's new prime minister, dressed in a white blazer with gold trim and smiling broadly, waved to a packed basketball arena at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, part of a whirlwind three-city tour of the United States to woo the diaspora.

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