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The survival of democracy is not a given, America

President Joe Biden's inaugural address last January, set against the backdrop of a pandemic-gripped capital wrapped in barricades and barbed wire after an attempted insurrection, stood out for more than just its unusual setting. In the speech, he invoked the word "democracy" more than any other president in US history -- at 11 times, twice more than either the runners-up Harry Truman or Franklin Delano Roosevelt did in the 1940s.

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Opinion: We ignore what happens in our state capitols at our peril

Astonished Americans watched a violent insurrection storm the nation's Capitol on January 6, as rioters smashed through barricades and windows, threatened lawmakers and disrupted the constitutionally mandated tally of the Electoral College votes certifying Joe Biden as the next president.

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The untold story of Ann Lowe, the Black designer behind Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress

Some 800 guests saw the dress at the ceremony at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Newport, Rhode Island, and 400 more watched it glide through the reception that evening. And then there were the 3,000 well-wishers who broke through police barricades to witness Jacqueline Lee Bouvier's arrival at her wedding to then Sen. John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

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