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Banana bread is having a moment

If there's an unofficial snack of the coronavirus pandemic, it's a sweet, soft loaf of home-baked banana bread.

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William Eggleston's color photos of the everyday were shocking for their banality

When photographer William Eggleston arrived in Manhattan in 1967, he brought a suitcase filled with color slides and prints taken around the Mississippi Delta. They were scenes of the low-slung homes, blue skies, flat lands, and ordinary people of the American South -- all rendered in what would eventually become his iconic high-chroma, saturated hues.

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Chrissy Teigen trades banana bread for romaine lettuce

Chrissy Teigen offered up her banana bread over Twitter in exchange for romaine lettuce after she discovered grocery stores in Los Angeles were out, which resulted in a hilarious trade with YouTuber Chris Klemens.

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