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New White House press rules are a slippery slope for press freedom

For the last couple of years of President Clinton's second term, there was a particularly colorful member of the White House press corps. He attended the briefings almost every day and badgered me with long, convoluted questions, often circling back to Catholic Church issues. At times it was amusing, other days it was disruptive.

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Here's why we have to keep talking about Aziz Ansari

When I see a well-known male figure in entertainment, politics or media trending on Twitter because of sexual harassment allegations, my heart sinks. Him? But he seemed like one of the good ones? Then comes the onslaught of tone-deaf think pieces, such as Andrew Sullivan's take on the #MeToo movement in The Daily Intelligencer in which he decrees that secretly removing a condom during sex or drunkenly badgering female colleagues via text message are really just "minor offenses." Pieces such as Sullivan's brutally analyze and, in the worst cases, litigate the veracity of claims made by the woman (or women) who have come forward to share experiences of abuse or assault.

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Watch what Shaub said about Trump

Walter Shaub, who has badgered the Trump administration for months about conflicts of interest, says he is quitting as director of the Office of Government Ethics. CNN's Brooke Baldwin reports.

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Did her texts push boyfriend to suicide?

Michelle Carter badgered her emotionally troubled boyfriend to take his own life before portraying herself as a grieving girlfriend, a Massachusetts prosecutor said Tuesday.

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