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Tom Cruise won't change Golden Globes. This will

On Monday, NBC announced that it won't broadcast the Golden Globes next year after low ratings and the film industry's denouncement of the lack of diversity in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, as well as ethical issues plaguing the group, which puts on the event. Prior to NBC's announcement, Scarlett Johansson issued a statement calling for the entertainment industry to pull back from HFPA-sponsored events; afterward, Tom Cruise drew significant buzz when a source close to the actor told CNN that he had returned his Golden Globe awards (for "Jerry Maguire" and "Magnolia") to the HFPA.

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Analysis: Why the Globes might never be the same

NBC's cancellation of next year's Golden Globes — historically one of the major events on Hollywood's months-long awards calendar — marks a potential turning point in a long-simmering debate about the show's relevance.

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NBC won't air Golden Globes after diversity controversy

The Golden Globes will not be airing on NBC next year, temporarily ending a decades-long relationship between the network and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the nonprofit responsible for the awards.

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Review: Glenn Close and Mila Kunis can't dance fast enough to save the grim addiction tale 'Four Good Days'

"Four Good Days" is only a so-so movie, a grim addiction story -- based on a Washington Post piece -- that plumbs the extent to which a mother is willing to suffer and exercise tough love to save her child. Said mom is played by Glenn Close, in a role unlikely to put her back in the awards spotlight, opposite a very unglamorous Mila Kunis as her struggling daughter.

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Opinion: What we really learned at the Oscars

Covid-19 wasn't the only reason the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony felt different from its predecessors. It made me wonder whether our expectations for what a movie is, or isn't, still matter.

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