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The NFL's ratings are up this year. Here's why.

One month into the 2021 season, the NFL's viewership is up around 17% compared to this time last year. The league is attracting an average of roughly 17 million viewers across its various network partners, according to Nielsen data.

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Opinion: Anti-vaxxers are using the same tactics as cults do to attract followers on social media

In 1974, I was recruited into a cult. Known as the Unification Church, but often referred to as the Moonies, the group was — and still is — a far-right cult founded by the Korean cult leader Sun Myung Moon. The Moonies believe that Moon was greater than Jesus and is God's "Messiah." His teachings, followers have said, supersede conscience, the Bible, laws and universal human rights.

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Amazon offers to pay college tuition for most US workers

Amazon is offering to cover four-year college tuition for most of its approximately 750,000 hourly workers in the United States, the latest major employer to offer the perk to attract and retain hourly employees in a tight job market.

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Trump's rally in Alabama is a boon for Mo Brooks' Senate campaign

Former President Donald Trump will rally the faithful in Alabama on Saturday, a boon to Rep. Mo Brooks, his favored Senate candidate, who is behind in the money race there and struggling to attract some Republicans unnerved by his brand of slash-and-burn politics.

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Stop blaming yourself for the climate crisis

I live in a valley surrounded by jagged mountains -- the kind that attract the Winter Olympics. This weekend, wildfire smoke was so thick that it blotted them out completely, making Utah look like the Great Plains. The sun was reduced to a pinhole of hellish red. Anyone who stepped outside felt their chest close, and some went to the hospital.

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Review: 'Jungle Cruise' navigates turning the ride into a highly enjoyable trip

Transforming theme-park attractions into movies is hardly a science, and Disney's success with "Pirates of the Caribbean" is balanced by efforts like "The Haunted Mansion." Through that lens, "Jungle Cruise" delivers about as ably as it possibly could, creating a light-hearted adventure that owes as much to "The Mummy" as anything in Disney's fleet.

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US women's gymnastics team is like none before it

When it comes to sports that attract fervent attention at the Olympics, gymnastics is always a top contender. Pulse-pounding and entertaining, the gravity-defying skills exhibited by athletes is unlike anything else seen at the Games. However, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic erasing a year of anticipation-building pre-Olympic competition, there is also an air of mystery for those outside the gymnastics universe about most of the six women -- alongside stalwart Simone Biles, there's Jordan Chiles, Sunisa Lee, Grace McCallum, Jade Carey and MyKayla Skinner. Some -- like Chiles, whose prospects were bolstered after a move to Biles' gym -- are underdogs, and some -- like Skinner, who stepped away from a star spot on the University of Utah's team to train for an Olympics berth -- are stepping outside the conventional path for the sport.

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