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'It's really hard to explain': See GOP lawmaker's flip on riot

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that former President Donald Trump did not incite the riot at the Capitol earlier this month, contradicting previous comments he made that the President did bear some responsibility for the assault.

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Biden's inaugural speech got it exactly right

Words matter, and on Wednesday Joe Biden faced the first challenge of what will surely be a challenging presidency. His inaugural address arrived in the wake of a tempestuous, bitter presidency that has left the nation miserably divided, with over 400,000 dead from an out-of-control pandemic, with jobs declining, and with democracy itself having recently been assaulted by a frenzied mob of insurrectionists.

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What's fueling the growth of far right-wing terrorism

The assault on the US Capitol was a glaring example of the right-wing extremist movement, which now rivals the threat posed by international terrorism, according to former and current counterterror officials. CNN's Jim Sciutto reports.

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Opinion: Under Trump, the GOP may have lost its soul

Donald John Trump will be remembered as the only president in American history to be impeached on two separate occasions. He incited an insurrection that was in effect a frontal and physical assault on the constitutional order, the peaceful transfer of power, the vice president and the Congress itself. On top of an already shameful record, the events of January 6, 2021, will define Trump's legacy forever and stain the pages of American history.

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Capitol rioters made a mockery of Christian values

As someone who has devoted his entire life to understanding, exploring and teaching the truth about Christianity, I saw the use of Christian symbols and rhetoric as part of the violent assault on the US Capitol as a desecration of democracy's chapel and a blaspheme of my faith.

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Urgent unanswered questions about the Capitol attack

The images will remain etched in our collective memories; throngs of MAGA-hatted attackers rampaging through the US Capitol in a deadly assault stoked by the President of the United States and his accomplices, determined to prevent the winner of the presidential election from taking office.

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Opinion: The striking parallels between the assaults on Charlottesville and the Capitol

Wednesday's violent insurrection at the Capitol building in Washington, DC -- as horrifyingly unprecedented as it was -- also had a quality that we've experienced repeatedly over the past four years: It was both shocking and surreal, and yet eerily familiar and entirely predictable. The scenes playing out at the Capitol echoed those that took place in Charlottesville in August of 2017, which I witnessed in-person and later reported on, following a known pattern of right-wing political unrest that has been nurtured by the President and his party.

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Inciting terrorism is a crime

On Wednesday a pro-Trump mob assaulted the Capitol, breaking through windows and doors, resulting in four fatalities. They also interrupted the election certification of President-elect Joe Biden and the peaceful transfer of power that has been the hallmark of American democracy for more than two centuries.

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