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Opinion: Kim Ng is blazing a trail. Make sure many others follow

As baseball legend has it, in 1950, 13-year-old Kathryn "Tubby" Johnston asked her mother to cut her hair so she could don the uniform of the King's Dairy Little League team and play ball. After playing several games as a boy, by mid-season she let her coach and teammates know about her secret, but her prowess kept her safe at first base despite the jeers from opposing players and their parents.

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Trump hangs over Obama's memoir like an onrushing train

Around the fifth anniversary of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, in late spring of 2016, President Barack Obama did an interview with CNN. Obama was seated at the head of the long conference room table in the White House Situation Room and after I asked the President a number of questions about his decision to authorize that operation, I changed direction. I asked: "Donald Trump. What are your thoughts, if he was to be sitting in this chair, about how he would be handling these decisions?"

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After bitterly divided election, what's next for America

After nearly five breathless days of vote-counting, the American people -- and the world -- got the news Saturday: Joe Biden would be the next president of the United States. So, where to now, nation? CNN Opinion asked 25 commentators to consider the question: What does the outcome of this election say about America in 2020? The opinions are their own.

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Ringing church bells, relief and schadenfreude

What does the world think about America's tumultuous 2020 election? CNN Opinion asked contributors for their views on what Joe Biden's defeat of Donald Trump could mean for their countries. The views expressed here are their own.

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'America is about to be rudely awakened:' What readers said about the election

CNN asked viewers how they were feeling after the election -- a race that was too close to call until Saturday morning when CNN and other media outlets projected Joe Biden as the next president of the United States. Kamala Harris will be the nation's first Black and South Asian vice president, and first woman to hold that office.

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SE Cupp: This is all happening the way Trump demanded

After President Donald Trump gained an early lead in Georgia, mail-in ballots are now trending the state in Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's favor. SE Cupp says that after months of condemning mail-in ballots, this situation is one President Trump asked for.

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Opinion: 29 things to watch for tonight

In the lead-up to Election Day, CNN Opinion asked our contributors what they would be most closely watching as the election returns begin to roll in Tuesday night.

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The only decent choice in the election

My Jewish husband grew up in 1970s Germany. When asked to give up his seat on public transit for senior citizens, he would often hesitate, wondering whether those individuals played passive or active roles during the Third Reich. While perhaps unfair, younger generations judged Germans who lived through the Nazi era as though they were complicit and could have changed the course of history.

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Piers Morgan clashes with Trump supporter

"Good Morning Britain" host Piers Morgan struggled to contain guest Harmeet Dhillon after he asked her a question about President Trump's handling of the pandemic. Now, Morgan says she won't be invited back.

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Senators ask US health chiefs about 'highly alarming' excess Covid-19 deaths

Three Democratic US senators have asked the US Health and Human Services Secretary and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director to explain what they're doing to investigate a "highly alarming" excess of deaths in the United States, above and beyond the more than 200,000 fatalities directly attributed to Covid-19.

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