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Market watch: Dow tumbles as West considers halting Russian oil

While the Ukrainian military's resistance against Russia's invasion has been well-documented, the last few days have seen growing popular defiance of Russian forces. In the south of Ukraine, especially, there have been multiple protests in areas where Russian troops have arrived.

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Opinion: An aging man decided to destroy the world

In London, a sister remembers her brother killed on Ukraine's frontline. In Glasgow, a truck driver gets a call from his wife in Lviv: war has arrived in their homeland. In New York, a poet who fled Odessa contemplates his mother tongue. And in Kyiv, a journalist bunkers down for the long haul.

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How astronauts celebrate Christmas in space

Just in time for Christmas, a SpaceX cargo vehicle arrived at the International Space Station Wednesday morning bearing holiday treats and science experiments.

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Harris' trip to Paris signals a relationship back on track

As French President Emmanuel Macron arrived at the Arc de Triomphe for a national televised Armistice Day Ceremony, Vice President Kamala Harris -- donning the traditional bleuet de France honoring veterans -- waited to greet him.

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Opinion: I met my dad for the first time when I was 4, and he was behind bars

I was 4 years old when my mom took me to meet my dad for the first time. I thought we were traveling to a park or a playground, but then we arrived outside Insein prison in Rangoon (present day Yangon), Burma, and I was even more impressed. It was a massive compound with an imposing red entrance and more guards than I could count.

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Opinion: Why 'Succession' is starting to fall flat

The third season of "Succession," HBO's hit drama about the family dynasty behind a fictional conservative cable news channel, has arrived just as its real-world counterparts are back in the news. Fox News just marked its 25th anniversary, continuing to exercise enormous influence on the Republican Party and the conservative movement. And on Wednesday, Donald Trump announced the creation of the Trump Media and Technology Group, which includes a proposed social media network, news outlet and streaming service.

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