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See what security looks like outside US Capitol

Federal law enforcement is on high alert in the wake of an intelligence bulletin issued earlier this week about a group of violent militia extremists having discussed plans to take control of the US Capitol and remove Democratic lawmakers on or around March 4. CNN's Shimon Prokupecz reports.

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This is when you can go on vacation again

Vaccination roll-outs are underway around the world, but when it comes to the recovery of leisure travel, how long will it be before travel gets back to normal?

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$3 gasoline could be around the corner

OPEC and Russia's unprecedented production cuts last spring lifted oil prices out of a death spiral. Nearly a year later, the group is under pressure to cool off the red-hot market.

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Arizona Republicans propose giving lawmakers final review of election results

Arizona lawmakers are debating a new set of voting bills -- including one that would allow lawmakers to review election results "if needed" and would grant the legislature the power to pick the state's presidential electors -- as Republican lawmakers around the country work to change election laws in the wake of the 2020 election.

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Lawrence Ferlinghetti was the hive and the honey

In every ecosystem there are keystone species, species that act as ecotones, binding communities together, their very presence allowing other species to thrive. In coral reefs, the keystones are coral, which grow into the branching walls and webs upon which and around which multitudes of fish, large and small can flourish. In Northern California, where I live, the keystone species world are live oak trees, coyotes, lizards and eelgrass in the bay.

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The New York Times paints a grim picture of its own workplace culture

The New York Times is admitting its own workplace issues, particularly around the treatment of Black and Latino employees, in a report released Wednesday. Included with the analysis is a four-point plan to improve conditions that the report's authors say will require "commitment from company leadership" as well as employees.

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